There are times when you need a specialist to help overcome obstacles in growth. My goal is to set progress in motion. My treatments developed through: dedication; considerable experience; post graduate study and advanced training which translates into success with diverse populations. Years working with prestigious mental health educators at the former St. Vincent's Hospital in Manhattan a major academic and training center . The sum of the above with the effect led me to strike a balance between the Socratic dictum "know thyself"; psycho-dynamic theories; practical strategies of William James, B.F Skinner and Aaron Beck who contributed to behavior and cognitive therapies. I encourage confidence; self-awareness and belief in potential. I'm approachable, accepting and respectful of privacy. Treating children provided a special perspective which I share with my clients. We can feel comfortable in sessions; share the follies of life and eventually work towards acceptable solutions. I work on the need for personal development, independence, academic progress and career plans throughout the developmental spectrum.

I can assist parents dealing with your child's educational challenges whether is be A.D.H.D., Asperger's, anxiety, mood disorders; addiction to electronics; preparing for or struggling through college. I currently work with the artistic community.

I provide clinical supervision for professionals specializing in child through adult therapies.

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